3 Mobile Development Trends to Look Out For in 2017

Today we couldn’t imagine our lives without tablets and smartphones. We wake up to an alarm going off on our phone, open the weather widget, check emails, text a friend on Messenger, update project statuses and many other things. Smartphones offer limitless functionality to complete everyday tasks and automate business processes. The latest statistics for 2016 show that approximately 2 billion people in the world own a smartphone.

The number is unbelievable, and it is steadily increasing. Obviously, usage of mobile apps in 2017 is going to rise as well – and there are some new trends emerging that are worth looking out for if you want to harness this ever-growing audience. Today we’re going to talk about the upcoming trends in mobile app development that will either emerge or remain popular in 2017.


Smartphone app security has long been a priority due to the sensitivity and vulnerability of user data stored on our mobile devices. These can grant access to all contacts and accounts if they fall into the wrong hands. As a matter of fact, many smartphone owners still do not regard mobile software security as a serious issue, which concerns app developers a great deal. If you are going to develop an app in 2017 therefore, our experts recommend focusing on security features such as code access, fingerprints and API-level security technologies that increase data safety.


VR is entering our daily lives and business processes at a record pace. Virtual reality apps are no longer sheer entertainment, despite VR game development being on the rise too. Both augmented reality and virtual reality technology are entering other areas of app development from video streaming to education, as well as e-commerce tools and software marketplaces. There are VR apps for the healthcare industry that help patients treat various disorders and education apps that allow you to practise your social skills and public speaking. VR offers a lot of new opportunities, and it’s high time you took advantage of them before your competitors realise its potential.


A year ago Google launched its Accelerated Mobile Pages project – an open-source initiative that enables publishers to create content optimised for mobile devices that instantly loads everywhere. Google has also announced news that there will soon be a specific search index for the mobile web. Google AMPs are extremely important for SEO and web app development as they provide for faster loading and, as a result, bounce rate reduction. Thus if you want to increase brand visibility and boost mobile traffic, AMPs are the top trend to incorporate into your app design project.

Of course, even though there are so many new trends on the mobile market, ensuring a great user experience for your audience still remains the priority you shouldn’t ignore. Solid expertise in design and an in-depth understanding of your customers are the foundation of the success of any software development project. Combining them with the latest trends, you can create a truly groundbreaking app, and tsinghe experts are here to give you a helping hand in this challenging task.

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