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WeChat Development

wechat development

Our WeChat development package is meant for clients with complex technical needs: whether you want to convert your existing APP into a WeChat APP or create a brand new WeChat experience, our team of developers can support you from design to delivery.

Our WeChat developers are here to help.

Do you already have an idea in mind? A big plan for your brand, but not quite sure how WeChat can help you land it? Everything we build is tailored for our users, so we’ll find exactly the right set of functions and technology which will meet your need.

Because of WeChat numerous functionalities, WeChat development can look like a maze. It doesn’t have to be this way: with experts knowing WeChat on the tip of their fingers, you’ll be able to easily navigate exactly what’s possible and what’s best for your company on WeChat.

Get in touch with us, we’ll put designers & developers together, because that’s what we do best: putting business insights together with technology expertise in order to come up with innovative solutions for our clients.

What is WeChat development?

Tencent provides a WeChat development tool to leverage functions of WeChat within APPs or websites: the WeChat development API. The API enables login, geo-localisation, voice recognition, segmented marketing and many other functions which can be tailored to your brands need.

Moreover WeChat leverages all modern web technologies, from HTML5 and CSS3 to AngularJS and local storage. These technologies enable us to turn the WeChat screen into a real APP: transitions, fixed menus, outstanding speed and clear hierarchy between pages: there’s almost no limit to what we can make WeChat do!