What are the best programming languages for mobile app development?

What will be the programming language for your next mobile app development project? Will it be Java, the general purpose, class-based, and object oriented programming language which runs in more than 3 billion of devices all over the world? Will you use Swift, the latest programming technology by Apple itself? Or, will it be HTML5, the next-gen markup language which, with the support of CSS3 and JavaScript, can also power mobile apps? Have you not thought about it yet? No issue, here this post helps you make the decision quite easily.

No technology has ever grown at the speed of smartphone mobility. PCs took decades of time to get to the place where smartphones have reached now. There would be at least 2.87 billions of smartphone-users by 2020 as of Statista.com data. This extensive acceptance of smartphone technology and applications hints a massive revolution in the way computing will be done in years to come. Of course smart mobility and apps are shifting to the core of whole computing technology.

Businesses have spotted it. They know that smart devices and apps together create a practical channel for marketing, selling, and spread information about a product or service.

While apps are taking the world by storm, developers are facing difficulties in selecting a programming language which, apart from the solid idea, will itself contribute to the success in terms of carrying out designated functionalities. Selecting a right mobile app development language is a vital decision because it also leads an app to be outstanding or disaster.

Let’s see what technology we do have for particular app-types:

Java has changed the world. Developers know it. Billions of devices in hundred of categories ( like computers, printers, routers, cell phones, parking meters, public transpiration passes, ATMs, credit cards, home security system, cable boxes, TVs, and so on) are using Java. Android the leading OS which is also the possessor of 85% of smartphone OS market share, wholly depends Java.

Java is the first choice of developers if it’s an Android app development project. Java has completely matured with several features, rich APIs, open-source libraries and powerful integrated development environment.

Objective-C is a C family language generally preferred for object oriented programming. Apple chose Objective-C for iOS app development because of its sturdiness and scalability; however, now the company has launched its own programming language – Swift.

Swift is the latest programming technology introduced by Apple for its iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux. Google too has hinted to extend support to Swift based apps in future.

Experts have said that Swift is a true game-change programming technology not only for Apples iPhone / iPad devices or other Apple devices too. Apple has introduced it in market for replacing the dependency of iOS app developers on Objective-C. Many developers are nowadays gravitating towards the Swift programming because of its simplicity and power. It’s an easy-to-comprehend language with fewer legacy conventions. The coding through Swift is written in readable English with the use of simple syntax. There is no need of nesting or brackets and semicolons.

The top benefit of using Swift for iPad and iPhone application development is Playgrounds which lets developers run any code snippet with no need of recompiling and fixing errors to see output on the emulator.

HTML5 (HTML5 + CSS3 +JavaScript)
The blend of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript becomes a technology which can be applied at mobile application development too. Apps created using this blend are known for bearing cross-platform features which means that a single app or the single code-base of the app can be implemented to multiple OS platforms. HTML5 based applications are recommended when there is limited budget and the app requires limited functionalities.

HTML5 app development approach is applied for hybrid app development in which a part of app is created using native language and a part using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

These fours are the best programming technologies nowadays preferred for most of the mobile application development projects.

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